I’ll Never Be Alone – Album

I’ll Never Be Alone, the very first solo album from Irish singer Colm Keegan is finally on sale! This highly anticipated debut solo album offers a huge variety of original music, with music and lyrics written by Colm himself. Colm, best known for his role as one of the Principal singers from the acclaimed World Music show Celtic Thunder, has drawn on both his experience from the show these last five years and brought that into this project, as well as choosing his team of musicians. The album was produced and arranged by Celtic Thunder assistant Musical Director, Seamus Brett, whilst Cellist Laura Durrant also features as performer and collaborator. I’ll Never Be Alone contains hits such as Day My Life Began, which reached #1 on the World iTunes charts upon its release in July 2016, as well as brand new arrangements from fan favourites Beautiful Day and Unwanted Feeling. No matter what mood you are in, Colm has written a song just for you and this promises to be an album not to missed for everyone in the family…   “This is the most exciting chapter of my Musical career to date. It’s been a project I’ve been working on for years, writing, performing and choosing the various and appropriate material. It was such a pleasure to have the expertise and friendship of Seamus at all times driving this ship, as well as having top class musicians involved in bringing the music to life. I have promised this album to so many for years now which makes it even better to announce that it is finally ready for release! I cannot wait for you to hear this album and, more importantly, to let me know your thoughts. I’ll Never Be Alone is a topic that means a lot to me; it is a demonstration of the importance that music plays in my life and a belief that as long as we all have a ‘music’ equivalent in our lives, even in the darkest of days, we know we will never truly be on our own. Thank you all for your ongoing support, since Day 1. This is not the end of a few years work, but the beginning of a new musical chapter in my life and I really am excited about taking you all on this journey with me. Thank you”  - Colm Keegan