Well, folks, I’m so excited to announce this brand new project!! For years I’ve been wanting to combine my performance background with my teaching background and my love of Celtic Culture, and this project does just that!!!

We’re inviting anyone with a love of singing/Celtic culture to spend five days with Laura and me in a Celtic Immersion Program. We have programs for ages 6 through adult, all tailored to specific age groups. Depending on your age group, you may participate in Scottish Ceilidh dancing and/or Celtic themed workshops, and everyone will participate in group singing workshops, learn popular Celtic songs, learn performance skills, grow in confidence, make new friends, and much, much more. In the Friday evening culminating event, everyone will join Laura and I on stage for a public performance!

We cannot be more excited! Come join Keegan’s Summer Program! See below for a list of all the venues to which we’ll be bringing this program and more information on “what you get” as well as “costs.”

Book now and experience this unique Celtic Immersion program. We can’t wait for all of us to spend a week steeped in all the traditions of Irish music!