Update – Marriage, Album launch and a huge surprise….

Hey guys, How are we all keeping!? I know I’ve been tweeting about my debut solo album I’ll Never Be Alone going on sale shortly and how excited I am about that, however I wanted to write you a Blog to fill you all in on what has been the most life changing few months of myself and Laura’s lives.

This is my first Blog I’ve written anywhere as a married man – I’ve literally never been as happy! I’ve married the perfect girl and my best friend in July on the most perfect of days. We were surrounded by people we love and it will always remain one of the most special days in both our lives. Between our wedding and debut album, I thought this year couldn’t get any more perfect, however I was very wrong…

….Laura and I have discovered that we’re expecting a baby!!! We have told close family and friends and now ready to spread the word that, God willing, Laura and I will be parents to a little boy, if everything goes to plan this February 2017! I didn’t think my heart could be filled with any more love, however our worlds have been completely changed in the last few months and I write this message with a feeling of perpetual love and excitement with the thought of what lies ahead for us.

We could not be any happier and want to thank you all for your continued support for everything we do. We will stay in touch and fill you in on every step of this never-ending, incredible journey of ours.

We will host a Live Q&A very soon to take any questions you may have.

We are the happiest people in the world.

Thanks for everything,

C & L