Wedding, Celtic Thunder 2016, Debut Solo Album….

Hey guys,


Well, a lot is going on at the moment, so I thought I would stop by and fill you all in on everything! Between myself and Laura’s upcoming Wedding, this solo tour, Celtic Thunder 2016 and my DEBUT solo album, I don’t know which news to fill you in with first!!


Firstly, hello from our 3rd year of solo tours which is really going great. We missed performing for you all and want to thank you all so much, yet again, for supporting both myself and Laura and allowing us to do our dream of performing all over the world. We hope to continue these solo tours in the future and expand our horizons in new territories as well. We love being together, travelling around and performing as much as we can. Any help in promoting, suggestions of venues or anything of that nature, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact section of this site ;-)


Myself and Laura are really, really excited to be able to celebrate our Wedding this July 26th!! It’s been a hectic few weeks of touring, as well as Wedding planning on the road, but with our incredible families back home literally running all over Ireland and Scotland for us, we’re almost there! We were initially going to plan the Big Day sometime in Summer 2017, however our perfect location rang us to let us know that a business conference had just rescheduled, which happened to be during one of the only 8 days which suited us this summer.  We then rang the Cathedral and they too made it possible for us by rescheduling a few things. It really felt like someone upstairs was looking out for us and making this summer possible, so we’re so incredibly excited about the few weeks ahead. The Wedding is taking place in a beautiful Cathedral in Glasgow, with a reception on the location most special to us both, the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. We are really, really looking forward to the big day and I’m sure we will fill you all in with pictures afterwards ;-)


So, as Sharon has posted on the CT site, unfortunately I won’t be joining the lads on the upcoming Fall Tour. The last few months was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make, however with a boss like Sharon Browne, she has made it so much easier.


Since the age of 12, teaching music to younger, aspiring musicians in conjunction with performing myself has been my absolute dream. I had already completed an undergraduate degree in both Music and Irish and just needed one more year of a masters to be fully qualified as a Secondary School teacher. I knew the older I got, the harder it would become to go a year without work and go back to University and it was tearing me up inside that as each year grew and the happier, more settled I was becoming in this incredible show, the harder that decision to miss a year was going to become.


Celtic Thunder as a show has never fallen short in looking after each and every one of us. Sharon is the most parental boss with whom I’ll ever have the pleasure of working. We spoke in North Dakota in October about this idea and she told me to mull it over and to meet again at Christmas. At Christmas, we chatted again and she told me I was more than welcome back when I had finished my degree and the door is always open, go follow my dream for a year – I knew how lucky I was to have Sharon as boss prior to this chat, but moments like that allowed me realise how lucky I am. Sharon has created an incredible show with the most amazing people. I know you’ll all love this upcoming show and can’t wait to hear all of your raving reports online.


So, long story short, the next 12 months is going to be a roller coaster of emotions. I’ll miss CT every second of every day, as I did during the Australian tour. Everyone in the show, cast and crew, are as close as family. They are the greatest set of people to work with and to say it’s been a pleasure is a huge understatement. But, the main thing I want you to know is that I’ll be back before you know I’m gone!! I certainly haven’t left the show and already counting down the days to be joining David, Seamus, the band and the lads on stage again. At the same time, I’ve wanted to do this year for the last 14 years and the reality of it finally happening is so exciting. I’ll make sure to stay in touch and provide updates along the way, but I’m really, really happy right now.


I’ll be writing another blog very soon with more details of my debut solo album I’ll Never Be Alone. We’re really excited to be launching the album ONLINE at the end of the Summer!! We have given those who supported our solo show the chance to pick it up first and the feedback has been so humbling I really can’t wait to launch it online and show you all. My first single from the album Day My Life Began is now on sale from cd baby and going on sale via iTunes and Amazon in just a few days ;-) Any help you could provide with spreading the word would be so appreciated.


Well folks, that’s all for now, I’ll will write again soon before the official online launch of I’ll Never Be Alone. I can’t believe that next time I’ll be writing will be as a married man……..!!!!!


Stay in touch, leave comments under here and see you all on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram ;-)


Thanks a mill guys,